The Ultimate Resource List for Restaurant Owners

Starting a restaurant and looking for ways to market it? We have curated this guide to introduce you to restaurant marketing experts, restaurant marketing agencies, podcast and others that can be of great help.

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A.Top Restaurant Marketing Experts

With the advent of digital marketing, the concept of restaurant marketing has changed drastically. People no longer rely on word of mouth marketing to market their restaurants. So if you are thinking about how and who can help you with marketing your business, then here's a list of best restaurant marketing experts who can do the work for you.

Joel Cohen

Joel Cohen has been in the business of restaurant marketing for over 35 years now. Mr. Cohen specializes in nothing but restaurant marketing that makes him one of the top names in the business. From developing food programs to making use of restaurant internet marketing concept, Cohen has established himself as a premier, no-nonsense, cutting-edge restaurant marketer. He helps new restaurant owners build their restaurant by coaching them and helping them market their restaurant in the right way.

You can connect with him here.

Liz Mazzei

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Liz Mazzei offers restaurant marketing consultation on an hourly basis. The marketer has over 5 years of experience working in the food and hospitality business and is currently working as a marketing director for Provenance Meals.

You can connect with her here.

Erik Shellenberger

Erik Shellenberger helps you with improving every aspect of your restaurant business by offering you with various marketing tips that can help you give a complete makeover to your business. From offering SEO tips for your restaurant website to telling you about the books you should read, Erik makes it all easy for you to understand. He also does podcasts and runs a blog that he regularly updates.

You can connect with him here.

Paul Fulford

Paul is a well-known food-critic and a restaurant marketer who offers consultation and PR services. Having been in the restaurant industry for over 20 years, Paul Fulford has helped several bar and restaurants make a mark for themselves with this amazing restaurant marketing consultation service.

You can connect with him here.

Donald Burns

With this amazing restaurant marketing service, Donald helps your restaurant business make more profit and get the business where you know it can be. Through his blogs and podcasts, Donald offers you various restaurant marketing tips that could help you build a good restaurant brand. Donald is the leading authority, speaker and international coach on how restaurant owners, operators, and culinary professionals go from just good to becoming outstanding.

You can connect with him here.

Eric Cacciatore

Eric Cacciatore is the man behind Restaurant Unstoppable that produces number 1 restaurant marketing podcasts for the restaurant industry. Eric works with a mission to inspire, empower and transform restaurant owners and operators around the world.

You can connect with him here.

Jaime Oikle

Over the years, Jamine Oikle has established himself as a popular restaurant marketer who is passionate about seeing restaurants succeed. Jamine is the owner of, a site that helps restaurant owners, managers, chefs and staff can get exclusive access to a wide array of valuable business contact geared to restaurant professionals. The site has 1200+ articles; a library of downloadable forms, templates and special reports; 60+ hours of audio & video seminar sessions.

You can connect with him here.  Hy7

Ken Burgin

Making ownership and management truly rewarding, Ken Burgin is the owner of i.e. a one-stop platform for restaurant owners to get the right training and support for their business. Ken and his team offer an array of articles and videos that help restaurant owners gain profit and also experience the freedom to enjoy your business.

You can connect with him here.

Lesile Pave

Having worked as a professional chef for over 7 years, Lesile helps restaurants achieve their marketing goals by offering them numerous marketing ideas. Lesile specializes in social media programs, coaching, email marketing and PR for restaurants.

You can connect with her here.

Holley Atkinson

A native New Yorker, Holley started off with her own consultancy ‘Making Food Work’ in 2009. She supports local food + tech initiatives on a wide range of issues and challenges with digital & social media strategy and coaching, product development, project management, marketing and other advisory services for restaurants. She is passionate about local food systems, social media, and information technology.

You can connect with her here.

Mark Moreno

Helping restaurants achieve maximum value for their business, Mark Moreno has been in the restaurant marketing business for over 30 years now. Mark specializes in creating various restaurant concepts and offers unique coaching to restaurant owners to help them convert everyone into "brand ambassadors" including customers.

You can connect with him here.

James Eling

Helping restaurants find customers and turn them into repeat customers, James Eling is the founder of With his restaurant marketing tips, James helps restaurant owners build a successful business and allows them to make more money by investing less working hours. James only works with restaurants and helps marketing the business from all the aspects i.e. SEO, social media, website, offline marketing, etc. Through, James also offers free tools such as the Free Online Restaurant Booking System and the Free Restaurant Online Ordering system.

You can connect with him here.

Brandon Hull

Brandon Hull is a marketing leader who helps restaurants achieve success through his restaurant digital marketing ideas and case studies. He is the founder of Next, a website that specializes in offering email, SMS, mobile and various other marketing ideas to restaurant owners.

You can connect with him here.

Eric Hebert

With, Eric and his team help restaurant with their development, customer loyalty solutions and marketing tips. You can consult them for one free program to get your restaurant to achieve its true potential.

You can connect with him here.

Roger Beaudoin

Having been a successful restaurant entrepreneur who has founded and operated four restaurant/hospitality companies over the past 18 years, Roger also offers restaurant marketing tips to budding restaurant owners. Through, a podcast,  Roger offers marketing tips and is frequently interviewed as an expert guest on restaurant industry podcasts. Roger is also the founder of the Sales Stars Server Training Program and the author of Rock Your Restaurant, a game-changing guide to restaurant finances, and creator of The Restaurant Rockstars Academy.

You can connect with him here.

Nick Fosberg

Providing restaurant owners with the most important and valuable answers and tips, Nick is a restaurant owner himself and is now helping other restaurateurs build a successful and profitable business. Over the years, Nick has become a leading marketing and promotional authority helping restaurants in Canada and US take their business to the next level.

You can connect with him here.

Micky Bates

Having over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry as a chef, owner and operator, Micky is also a restaurant marketer helping restaurants dominate the digital marketing space with his online marketing excellence.

You can connect with him here.

Chris Towland

Chris Towland is a restaurant marketing expert and author who has worked both directly and indirectly with hundreds of restaurants and other small businesses across the UK and USA to help them improve their marketing, win new customers and boost their profits. Through, Chris offers restaurant owners several marketing tips that could attract lots of new customers and tempt existing diners to return more frequently.

You can connect with him here.

Ryan Gromfin

Providing up-to-date restaurant specific tactics and strategies, Ryan Gromfin gives restaurant owners a perfect roadmap that helps them scale their restaurant business. Through a series of blogs and articles, Ryan offers tips that help restaurateurs double their profit and also their performance.

You can connect with him here.

Marcus  Guiliano

Chef Marcus Guiliano is an award-winning chef, green restaurateur & real food activist and also a restaurant marketer. Marcus is a restaurant business coach offering tips to restaurant owners on how to build a successful business.

You can connect with him here.

David Scott Peters

David owns a coaching company wherein he trains restaurant owners on how to build a successful and profitable business. David also shares restaurant management tips for independent restaurant owners as well as for food industry experts.

You can connect with him here.

Other marketers, you can follow:

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is an American entrepreneur, author and internet personality who very often shares tips on restaurant marketing. Gary helps you by giving you ideas on how you can retain your customers, how to get new customers, why customer service matters, etc.

You can connect with him here.

Jon Taffer

The host of Reality series Bar Rescue,  Jon Taffer helps you drive more revenue to your business by offering you various marketing tips and solutions. No matter how big or small your business is. Jon helps you understand what lies behind opening a great bar or restaurant and helps you through the process of running a successful and profitable business.

You can connect with him here.

B. Top Restaurant Marketing Agencies

Top Restaurant Marketing Agencies

Looking for ways to market your restaurant and don’t understand how to start with it? Then read through the below list of top restaurant marketing agencies that can do the work for you.

Marketing Vitals

A thought leader in the field of restaurant marketing, Rom Krupp is the CEO of Marketing Vitals. This restaurant marketing agency helps restaurants improve sales and increase profits through with its innovative, data-mining marketing analytics software. The team of experts at Marketing Vitals provides restaurant owners with the most cutting-edge, effective analytics technology to help in restaurant operations.

Website: Marketing Vitals

The Food Group

Touted to be thought leaders in the restaurant industry, The Food Group has over 45 years of experience in food and beverage marketing. The Food Group blends food, culture and marketing expertise to deliver powerful integrated solutions that help restaurant owners drive results.

Website: The Food Group

Restaurant Marketing Agency

Helping restaurant owners stand out online and drive results, Restaurant Marketing Agency provides you with various services such as restaurant SEO, social media, website hosting, design and others. The agency gives you ideas to increase your restaurant’s revenue by 1/3 in just 6 months.

Website: Restaurant Marketing Agency

Restaurant Clicks:

Helping restaurants with smarter marketing tips, Restaurant Clicks helps restaurateurs understand what works and what doesn’t in the business. Restaurant Clicks offers marketing services including restaurant social media, SEO, design, advertising, marketing automation and more.  The agency has been in the business of restaurant marketing for over 15 years now and helps restaurant owners get the most out of the potential marketing treasure they didn’t even know about.

Website: Restaurant Clicks

Core Restaurant Marketing:

Core Restaurant Marketing agency is a special restaurant marketing agency that helps restaurants improve their revenues with effective marketing plans designed to increase sales and customer traffic. The agency works on various aspects of restaurant marketing such as setting monthly goals, monthly coaching calls, reviewing online restaurant reputation, menu review and analysis and more.

Website: Core Restaurant Marketing


Delivering restaurant growth with restaurant consulting, branding, web design and marketing, Futura is a marketing agency for restaurants. The agency helps restaurants stand out, win new business and grow. The agency offers marketing services that have a commercially yet creatively driven approach help businesses generate more revenue.

Website: Futura

The Foodie Agency

This is a full-service marketing agency specializing in restaurant marketing for over 20 years. The agency is a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs, helping you take your restaurant business to a whole new level. Using modern marketing methods, The Foodie Agency offers restaurant marketing tips that help your business drive results. From restaurant email marketing to digital marketing and even restaurant SEO, the agency offers 3600 solutions to restaurateurs.

Website: The Foodie Agency

Rockfish Marketing

Delivering (Return on Investment) ROI that can be tracked, Rockfish marketing provides restaurant owners with marketing services that they get new and repeat customers. The agency specializes in digital marketing for restaurants and offers services such as social media for restaurants, SEO, email and mobile marketing and restaurant marketing strategies.

Website: Rockfish Marketing

Big Flavour

Based in Edinburgh, Big Flavour is a restaurant marketing agency that helps you serve your brand online. The agency helps restaurant owners build a presence online with fresh websites and full-flavoured restaurant marketing strategies. The Big Flavour team has over 25 years’ experience in delivering results for some of the world’s largest chains across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Website: Big Flavour


Specializing in restaurant branding and marketing, Vigor offers tips to restaurateurs that propel their business. Working through data, trend, and age-old marketing maxims, Vigor offers marketing solutions that propel restaurant brands forward. The agency offers innovative, multi-channel marketing strategies for restaurant brands.

Website: Vigor


A multi-unit restaurant, full-service agency, Simmer helps consumers related to your brand by helping you find alternate ways of reaching to audiences with vibrant and consistent content that is driven by purpose and an eye on both short and long-term goals. The agency offers various restaurant marketing services such as branding, packaging, social media and others.

Website: Simmer


Hudson is a creative digital ad agency for restaurant groups. Based in the city of New York, the agency operates with a mission to empowering marketing professionals with meaningful analyses to accelerate business growth. Through their blog, the agency also gives you insights on how they have helped their clients increase their revenue.

Website: Hudson Creative

NYC Restaurant

Established in 2001, NYC Restaurant is a creative digital media agency based in New York that loves helping hospitality business. The agency helps restaurant owners develop strategies that enable them to engage with their customers. They mainly provide restaurant marketing related services such as  SEO, influencer marketing, review monitoring and others.

Website: NYC Restaurant


Trusted by over 200 restaurants, Tangoo is one of the leading restaurant marketing agencies based in Vancouver. The agency drives actionable marketing insights and provides technology solutions that can modernize your guest experience. It helps you drive the best ROI by leveraging its data-driven approach. The agency offers services such as digital marketing training, creative media and social media PR.

Website: Tangoo

Digital Restaurant

To help you make your restaurant better, Digital Restaurant offer you a perfect blend of marketing expertise and technical knowledge that helps you drive more business. The agency offers you various restaurant marketing solutions including web marketing, social media, Facebook marketing, web design and others. Having been in the business of restaurant marketing for over 8 years now, Digital Marketing helps you make empty tables a thing of past.

Website: Digital Restaurant

Saint Urban

Based in New York, Saint Urban is a restaurant marketing and branding agency having a well-known brand such as chips cookies and cream, Seamore’s and others as clients The agency helps you grow your restaurant business by providing services such various services. as branding, design, content creation and marketing.

Website: Saint Urban


Fervid Communications is a full-service agency specialized in restaurant, food and beverage marketing. The agency offers various restaurant marketing services such as digital marketing, social media, media reporting and analytics, mail marketing and others.

Website: Fervid

Restaurant Branding Roadmap

Helping you become the ‘restaurant of choice’ for loyal customers, the Restaurant Branding Roadmap agency is led by two restaurant branding experts Karen Post and Jocelyn Ring. The agency offers you insight and ideas about restaurant marketing, restaurant branding and restaurant promotion. Through their website, you get to know about various high-value products and services that help you achieve your life and business goals.

Website: Restaurant Branding Roadmap

The Digital Restaurant

This is a Chicago based digital marketing agency serving restaurants and pizzerias globally. The agency provides strategy, marketing and technology services to restaurants to help them grow and compete in the market effectively. The agency provides full-service integrated restaurant marketing services needed to support the business's short-term needs and long-term goals.

Website: The Digital Restaurant

That’s Biz

Get your restaurant marketing needs to be addressed with That’s Biz, a digital marketing agency that provides help with restaurants, bars, and chains do effective advertising. Various restaurant marketing services provided by That’s Biz include email marketing, digital flyers, digital postcards and others.

Website: That’s Biz

C. Top Restaurant Marketing Podcasts

Every restaurant business owner can succeed if he knows how to market his restaurant. There are plenty of sources through which a restaurateur can learn from including podcasts. So if you are a restaurateur looking for tips to run a successful business, then here are top restaurant marketing podcasts you should follow.

Restaurant Unstoppable: 

Touted to be one of the best restaurant marketing podcasts, Restaurant Unstoppable hosted by Eric Cacciatore aims to empower independent restaurant owners/operators with the tools, knowledge, and attitude to happily and successfully live out their purpose and passion. The podcast offers you a good mix of restaurant marketing, branding, leadership and budget control.

What it’s good for: If you have just started with your restaurant business and are looking to get a mix of restaurant marketing, branding, chef interviews, then this a good podcast to start off with.

Until now, Eric has hosted over 500+ episodes and you can listen to him here. Restaurant Unstoppable

Secret Sauce

Hosted by James Eling, Secret Sauce is one of the popular restaurant marketing podcasts that gives you ideas on how you can find more customers and turn them into repeat customers. The podcast trains you on all aspects of marketing: SEO, Facebook, Twitter, emails, coupons, yield utilization, USPs, Menu engineering, direct mail, Instagram and others.

What it’s good for: The podcast helps you discover many ways by which you can market your restaurants and build customer loyalty.

You can listen to over 100+ Secret Sauce podcasts here.

Smart Pizza Marketing

Being the founder of Smart Pizza Marketing, a full-service digital agency, Bruce Irving also gives you insights of the restaurant marketing business with his podcast- Smart Pizza Marketing. Bruce helps restaurant and pizza owners get a competitive edge by helping them with valuable and effective marketing tips. Bruce is a former pizzeria owner and also hosts PizzaTV’s Marketing Insights live stream program, which streams at 8 p.m. (ET) every Tuesday on Facebook.

What it’s good for: The podcast helps acts as a reference guide guiding you with various examples of restaurant marketing and also offers you social media tips.

You can listen to Smart Pizza Marketing here.

Social Restaurant Podcast

Hosted by Nate Riggs, Social Restaurant Podcast features a one-on-one interview with various industry professionals that give you an insight into various marketing tips. Each restaurant is of 30-60 minutes covering the hottest topics, trends and technologies that are impacting the restaurant industry.

What it’s good for: the episodes feature expert guests i.e. chefs, restaurant owners that offer tips on restaurant management and also covers industry events and news.

You can listen to Social Restaurant Podcast here.

Food Startup Podcast

This podcast is specially meant for dining start-ups and includes stories and advice to help restaurant owners flourish their business. The podcast is hosted by Matt Aaron and includes episodes with top performers of the industry.

What it’s good for: it makes easy for restaurant owners to stay updated with the current trend and also features great content for niche companies.

You can listen to it Food Startup Podcast here.

Restaurant Ninjas

To help restaurateurs achieve their dreams, Rick Nicholson and Wayne McKay host Restaurant Ninjas, a popular podcast that features interviews with various industry experts, covering a wide range of topics. The duo offers you various marketing tips that help you increase 10% of your current sales. In the past, they have helped restaurant owners grow their business by 43% in one year.

What it's good for: The episodes feature a wide range of topics and offer you a great insight into the marketing industry.

You can listen to Restaurant Ninjas here.

Profitable Hospitality

Host Ken Burgin offers you a lowdown of all the things related to restaurant management and marketing. The podcast features interviews and restaurant success stories and also focus on other restaurant related topics such as cost control, marketing and management.

What it’s good for: the podcasts are organized by categories ranging from topics such as restaurant management, marketing, employee management, bar success and others, thus, making it easy for you to jump right over the business area you are currently focusing on.

You can listen to Profitable Hospitality here.

Restaurant Rockstars

Having over 20 years of experience as the founder and operator of four restaurants, Roger Beaudion is the owner of Restaurant Rockstars. The podcast helps you with various restaurant marketing tools, tips, interviews and coaching.

What it’s good for: the podcast offers you a perfect mix of restaurant management and marketing.

You can listen to Restaurant Rockstars here.

Restaurant Insider

Restaurant Insider podcast serves as your go-to guide for getting information on restaurant news, trends, information, management and tips. The podcast offers tips and advice to people who

What it’s good for: it not just offers you restaurant marketing tips but also shares experiences of restaurateurs, chefs and bartender.

You can listen to it Restaurant Insider here.

D. Restaurant Marketing Experts to Follow on Twitter

If you are a massive Twitter fan and are looking for restaurant marketing tips on your favourite social media channel, then here’s a list for you. Just follow these 10 Twitter accounts to get your daily dose of restaurant marketing tips, news and trends.

Food Fanatics

From new food products, recipes, food trends and restaurant concepts, Food Fanatics is just not gives you an insight of the restaurants offering food, but also shares information on how you can deal with customers and create amazing food menu.

 Ken Burgin

Based in Sydney, Ken is a popular restaurant marketer and runs the popular Profitable Hospitality and Silver Chef, a group that helps restaurants by providing them equipment funding solutions. Through his Twitter account, Ken offers you valuable restaurant marketing tips including management, cost control, training and staff.

Barbara Castiglia

Executive Editor for Modern Restaurant Management, a well-known hospitality blog, Barbara often shares valuable tips on how you can market and operate your restaurant.


Brainchild of Paul Barron, Foodable is a restaurant media company that combines technology, social media, content, analytics and digital services designed to reach chefs, operators and restaurant owners.  Their Twitter feed gives you a complete insight into what they have to offer you and also offers you tips on managing your restaurant, current hospitality trends and consumer insights.

Rock My Restaurant

This is a web TV show available through Foodable. Their Twitter account shares various tips that help restaurant operators and chefs build their business from ground zero. From design to guest flow, they help you with just about everything.

David Henkes

Beverage industry trend watcher, consultant and connoisseur, David helps you with trending restaurant marketing tips that are to watch out for.

National Restaurant Association

A leading restaurant association for the US restaurant industry, their Twitter account gives you an insight into the restaurant industry by keeping you abreast with the latest trends, news and events.

Social Hospitality

If you are looking to get quick marketing tips on how you can generate good revenue for your business through online channels, then this is the Twitter account you should be following. The page offers you tips on how restaurant digital marketing trends can open the doors of your restaurant for new customers.

Tim Hilton

A website strategist and consultant for restaurant and bars, Tim Hilton’s Twitter feed is pretty inspiring as he offers you tip on improving your restaurant business and also how to use digital marketing, social media, SEO, website to develop your brand. He also retweets restaurant marketing tips shared by other marketers.

Daug Radkey

Strategist and speaker at Key Restaurants, Daug offers you valuable tips on how you can set up your own restaurant, plan its growth and increase profitability. Through his Twitter page, he also keeps you updated with all the latest restaurant marketing trends.

E. Top Restaurant Marketing Tools

If you are creating a solid marketing strategy for your restaurant, then ensure that these tools have a special inclusion in it as it will help further market your food business effectively. Here are top marketing tools that every business owner should know about.

Open Table:

Open Table is an online restaurant reservation service based in San Francisco. Listing your restaurant on Open Table makes it easy for your customers to reserve a table at your restaurant and also locate your business. Open Table makes it easy for restaurants to manage a comprehensive reservation system, guest recognition and email marketing.

Website: Open Table


Belly helps you create a loyalty program for your restaurant business by offering you customized rewards, email campaigns, social exposure, and marketing automation for your food business. The tool is specially designed for quick service and fast casual restaurants, bakeries and coffee shops. The tool helps you increase customer loyalty and increase visits by up to 54%.

Website: Belly


Launched in 2011, Perka is a digital loyalty platform based in Portland, US. The tool allows restaurant owners to reward their customers for frequent purchases, thus helping them build deep, lasting relationships with them. Perka loyalty program helps you turn occasional visitors into loyal regulars.

Website: Perka

Constant Contact

If you are just starting with email marketing for your restaurant, then Constant Contact makes it easy for you to do so. The tool helps you create beautiful mobile-optimized templates that look good and can be easily designed using their drag and drop feature. The tool helps you receive expert guidance and live support to curate the best emails to send to your customers.  It also helps you track real-time reporting and analytics. Through Constant Connect you can easily send your customers your new menu items, coupon codes and stay in touch with them.

Website: Constant Contact


Enabling restaurants to tell their stories, Haro is the most popular sourcing service in the English-speaking world, helping you get free media coverage. The platform makes it easy for Reporters and bloggers to reach out when they need a quick quote or even a full-length article.

Website: Haro


Lastly, to know what is being said about your business online and also to examine your restaurant marketing ideas, make use of Rankur, an online reputation management and social media monitoring tool. The tool instantly notifies you whenever a customer has posted anything about you on any platform.

Website: Rankur

Fame MS:

Since online reviews are an important part of a restaurant’s marketing strategy, this is a tool that helps you generate reviews and manage them easily-all from one dashboard. It helps you collect reviews using QR code and sending emails to your customers whenever they do a transaction with you. You can easily respond and manage your online reviews with Fame MS as it sends you real-time alerts whenever a review is posted. The tool also helps you promote your reviews on review websites such as Facebook, TripAdvisor, Google My Business and others.

Website: Fame MS


If you are looking to build a solid marketing strategy for your restaurant business then Twchat is the platform you should be on. Through Twchat, you can build a connection with influencers and can find chats in your niche and also participate in conversations.

Website: Twchat


Hypr is an influencer discovery platform specially designed for brands to connect with influencers. If you are looking to promote your restaurant through influencers, then Hypr is the right platform as it offers you extensive demographic data about each influencer's following based on their postings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Website: Hypr

F. Top Restaurant Marketing YouTube Channels

Restaurants-large or small require to build an effective marketing strategy to reach out to their customers. As we all know YouTube is one of the important marketing channels today. Though you might have a YouTube channel and would have a good number of subscribers on it. But do you have people walking into your restaurants? If not, then subscribe to these YouTube Channels that will help you with restaurant marketing tips which will eventually increase the revenue of your business.

The Restaurant Boss

The Restaurant Boss is a Youtube Channel by Ryan Grofim, having over 52K subscribers. Through his videos, Ryan offers you marketing tips that help you grow your business. Ryan also talks about curating menus, how restaurant owners can make more money and how they can create a system that can help them live the life they deserve.

The Restaurant Expert

This is one of the best restaurant marketing channels for independent restaurant marketers, offering several tools, including restaurant management software that helps them discover the hidden profits they can make through their business. Right from managing food cost, labour cost, finding the right restaurant systems, the channel help you with tips that help you run a profitable business.

Small Food Business

This YouTube channel offers you all the information that you require to run a successful business. You won’t find any cooking tips here, but will find all the information about how you can market your restaurant, market it and run the operations smoothly.

Misfit Media

Helping customers reach their target audience, Misift Media is data-driven restaurant advertising agency that helps restaurants reach out to customers online. Their videos talk about customer building programs that allow restaurants to target interested and local customers.

Jerome Chiaro

Jerome Chaiaro started working for his family restaurant business since the age of 14 and today is a successful restaurant marketing consultant. He offers marketing tips to restaurant and bar owners on social media and operations profitability.

Restaurant Owner

Helping independent restaurants build a successful business, Restaurant Owner is the YouTube Channel you should subscribe to.  The channel offers you insights, tools and training to help you build a better business and drive profit.

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Easy Ways to Get More Facebook Reviews

Today, Facebook is one of the top social media marketing platforms that is hard to ignore while running any kind of business. With over 1.97 billion people on Facebook, the platform has become one of leading sources for generating revenue.

What are Facebook Reviews?

Facebook now allows customers to leave their feedback on a brands page. The social media giant has incorporated a star rating system that allows customers to rate your business alone, or write a review and rate it as well. Through the star rating system, the customers can easily rate a local business on a scale of 1 to 5 and the average score is displayed on the brands business page. There is also a difference between public rating and total rating, if the customers leave reviews that are not open to the public.

Why Facebook Reviews Are Important?

As per a survey, over 55% customers use Facebook to get information about the product they want to buy.

71% of customers say that they trust everything that they see on Facebook.

Considering the above statistics, Facebook Reviews play an important role in helping you increase the sales of your business. Today online reviews have become an important part of a brands marketing strategy as they largely influence customers buying decision. People consider online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from friends or family.

With Facebook being such a big platform and online reviews playing an important role in your business, it’s necessary to understand how you can generate more reviews on this social media channel.

Benefits of Facebook Reviews

  • Positive Facebook reviews help you build a strong social proof and increase the sales by displaying star ratings and the reviews on the top of your business page.
  • You can turn positive reviews into Facebook Ads which eventually will help you increase the sales of your business.
  • Negative reviews can turn out to be a good opportunity for you to display your customer service skills.

How to Enable Review Tab on Your Facebook Business Page?

  • Visit your Facebook Page
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Edit page
  • Click on Reviews and select-allow visitors to review this page
  • Then save changes

To allow review tab, show up on your Facebook Page, follow the below steps

  • Visit Facebook Page
  • Click on settings
  • Click on edit page
  • Click on add a tab
  • Look for reviews option and click on add tab
  • Drag the review option where you want it to be displayed

How to Get Facebook Review Notifications?

To respond and to stay updated with all the reviews that your customers leave on your page, you will have to enable Facebook Review notifications.

  • Visit Facebook page
  • Click on notifications in the settings tab
  • Then opt for: Select get a notification each time there is activity on your Page or an important Page update.
  • You can also choose an option which allows you to receive review notifications via email as well.

 How to Get Customers Leave a Review on Your Facebook Page?

To gain insights into what your customers are talking about your business, it’s important for you to generate more reviews as eventually, they will also help you in increasing the sales.

So since you have set up review tab on your Facebook page, here’s how now you can ask customers to review your business on this platform.

Email your customers:

One of the simple ways to get a review on your Facebook page is by emailing your customers and asking them to review your business on the platform.

Use a review generating tool:

You can make use of a review generating tool like Fame Ms that helps you get your customers review your business on Facebook and other review websites. Fame Ms also lets you manage and respond to reviews-all from one dashboard.

Add a Facebook tab on your website:

One of the easiest ways of getting reviews on Facebook is by adding a review tab on your website. This is a good way to get your customers leave their feedback on your FB page.

Make sure your customer's check-in at your store/restaurant:

If you run a restaurant, a resort, or a store, then you can easily ask your customers to check-in as Facebook would directly send them a notification asking them to review your business. This helps as you are not directly asking them for reviews. It also helps you spread awareness about your business as your consumer's friend circle would also know about its existence.

Respond to negative reviews:

Always respond to negative reviews on Facebook as it shows that you really care about your customers and strive hard to provide them with a good service. Doing this also lets your potential customers understand the kind of customer service you are providing.

How to Remove Negative/Bad Review from Facebook?

Facebook doesn’t allow you to remove bad reviews as only the customer can edit or delete the review. But you can always report the review to Facebook.

To report a review on Facebook, click on the down arrow next to the review and then select report post.

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How to List Your Local Business on Citysearch?

There is no denying that online reviews have become an important part of your marketing plan. To stay ahead of your competitors you need to have a solid marketing plan that helps you build a strong online presence and also generate sales. This has now become possible by listing your business on location-specific directories.

Location-specific directories help your business rank high on search results that bring more of traffic to your website. Citysearch is one such local directory that helps you grow your online presence by supporting your business in terms of SEO.

What is Citysearch?

Citysearch is a popular online guide that provides information about local businesses catering to various categories such as dining, retail, entertainment, etc. Through Citysearch, users can easily source information, get driving direction and read reviews written by other users. The website acts as a local guide helping people with tons of user reviews and recommendations while also being beneficial for business owners in terms of targeting audience belonging to a specific location.

How to Add a Listing on Citysearch?

Adding a local listing on is free and can be done easily by following the steps mentioned below.

To list your business on, you will have to first make an account on Express Update. Citysearch is run by CityGrid which pulls data from ExpressUpdate. So it is essential for you to have an account on Expressupdate.

Step 1:

Search for your business:

Visit and look for your business depending on the location you want to claim.

Step 2:

Claim your business

Once you have found the name of your business, further claim it. Click on claim now and proceed ahead.

If you can’t find your business, then click on add a business.

To add a business, you will need to add the name of your business, phone number and category of the business.

Step 3:

Verify the claim:

Click on ‘Yes, Call me Now’.  You will then receive a call that will provide you with a passcode that you need to enter. Citysearch will call you on the registered number that is entered in the listing.

Your business will then appear on within 30-60 days from the date of its verification.

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How Online Reviews Affect Local Search Engine (SEO)?

Today more than ever, customers are using online review sites like Yelp, Facebook, Google, etc. to determine whether they should invest their money in any particular product type or service. For customers looking to obtain information about a product or brand online, reviews have become a reliable source of information as 92% of the customers read online reviews and 88% trust them as much as personal recommendations.

Whether or not a business is dealing with selling products online, local businesses today have gained a sheer presence in search engine results page, showing us the importance of online reviews.

Regardless of what kind of business one is running today, online reviews have become one of the most important factors in determining the ranking of a business on the search results page.

Online reviews are just not essential for a business owner from an online reputation management point of view, but they are also important as they have the ability to affect a brands presence on local search engines.

How online reviews affect Local SEO?

Online reviews are one of the top factors that determine your ranking on Google: As per Moz’ report, review signals make up for top 7% of what makes your brand rank on Google. This clearly shows that online reviews not just leave an impact on your business but also on your local SEO. These review signals include review velocity, review quantity, review diversity, etc.

Positive reviews give an extra push to your business on local search engines, thereby giving you a high click-through rate.

Online reviews help generate unique content:

Online reviews are one of the best ways of generating fresh and unique content for your website. User-generated content is more influential and reliable that makes readers directly click on your website to get more information about the product. This user-generated content thus becomes useful for you as well as your brand’s ranking on search engines.

Star ratings matter the most to local search users:

No matter even if you rank at the top of a search results page, but having a low star rating can affect your business and cannot guarantee you, visitors. Since star ratings are easy to understand and in a way define a brand’s efficiency to serve its customers, it’s imperative that your business is highly rated on search engines.

 Pace and timing of the reviews matter:

As per a study, the pace and the recency at which a business generates reviews matters the most as reviews older than 3 months are no longer relevant to the readers. So maintaining a steady flow of reviews is imperative to improve your brand’s presence on local search.

Photos play an important role:

When it comes to improving local SEO, photos posted by your users play an important role. Visual content is not only appealing to the eyes, but also to local search engines as they provide you with better visibility considering 88% of consumers like to look at photos and videos posted by other customers prior to making a purchase.

For this, what you can do is first, make your business location photo-friendly and ask your customers to post photographs and write good reviews along with on the review websites.

Review sites matter the most:

While looking for a business, customers highly rely on local search engines, review website, Google reviews as they help them make a better decision. Having positive reviews on Google as well as other review websites matter as search engines give authority and more credibility to good reviews.

Response to the reviews:

Responding to reviews not only means that you care about your business, but it also provides search engines with a source of fresh content. As per a Cornell study, revenue and rating of a brand increases as the number of review responses increase. And failure to respond to any reviews lead to low revenue and ratings.

Considering the above ways by which online reviews impact your local search, it’s imperative that you as a business owner monitor reviews closely and have an online review generating tool to constantly keep on generating new reviews.

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How do Online Reviews Affect Your Business?

Over the years, the importance of online reviews has grown significantly as customers are incessantly checking reviews to obtain information about a particular product or service. Online reviews help a person to decide whether what product they should buy, from which brand they should buy, what time they should buy, etc. This in a way is directly impacting the revenue of various businesses, its popularity and brand presence through all the marketing channels.

As customers post both positive and negative reviews online, it’s important for a business owner to understand the impact of these reviews on their businesses.

What positive reviews can do for your business?

If your customer writes a good, positive review about your business then it can directly help you make more revenue as 68% of consumers trust reviews posted online. Having a positive review on your page can do the following:

  • Increase your business
  • Help you get new customers
  • Help build brand loyalty
  • Having positive reviews help you build a solid social media presence
  • Positive reviews with good star ratings work wonders for your business by boosting your local search rankings. Customer ratings are an important factor as they help Google determine which pages should rank higher. Search engines have not started displaying pages with star ratings on top to help customers make an informed decision about availing a particular product or service type. So if your business has positive reviews and high star ratings, then it can help you improve your SEO.
  • Positive online reviews can increase your click-through rate as customers read reviews that provide them with the required information about buying the product. So if you have a high star rating and positive reviews about your business, then it can help you generate more clicks. Star ratings displayed in Google pack generate high CTR as compared to organic search results.
  • Positive online reviews build unique content for your SEO. Online reviews talk all about customer experience. So if your customer has given a good review of your product, then it can provide local search engines with a source of rich and unique content.

What negative reviews can do for your business?

Having a negative review can drastically affect your business and can affect the credibility of the same.

Take away customer trust from you.

Reading a negative review can refrain from a customer from buying a product or availing any service from you.

As per a study, a negative review can cost you business from around 30 customers. Two negative reviews can drive away 22% of your customers, whereas, three negative reviews can take away 59% of your customers.

86% of customers don’t like to invest their money in a business that has negative reviews online.

Since negative reviews can have a bad impact on your business, then here’s how you can deal with negative reviews posted online.

Look for common problems:

While reading a negative review of your brand, look for common problems faced by the customer and work on them. Determine the factors in your business that is giving your customers a bad experience. Few online review websites actually help you highlight the common words used by the customers while writing a review about your product.

For instance, if you notice that many of your customers have highlighted about your brand offering a bad customer service, then take steps that will make it better and offer your future customers a good experience.

The most important thing you need to do is do not take negative reviews personally and instead work on them for improving your business.

Respond to negative reviews:

Don’t went out your anger on a customer who has written a negative review online. Respond to all the negative reviews online and apologize the customer for offering them a bad experience. Consider offering a discount or a special deal to such customers and respond to them in a professional way, highlighting a solution to the problems faced by them.

Take action:

Just reading negative reviews is not important, taking positive steps to flourish your business is imperative. Failing to take an appropriate action will largely affect your business and can never let you generate hefty revenue.

In short, a user’s buying decision is largely dependent on online reviews so as a business owner it’s your job to take interest and convert the online audience into new customers.

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Highly Effective Yoga Marketing Ideas for Your Yoga Marketing Plan

Practising yoga is one of the most ancient forms of exercise that helps an individual stay fit and fine. Yoga continuing to being one of the fastest growing industries and new yoga studios popping up almost every day, it’s essential for a business owner to have a marketing plan in place.

Let’s understand why your yoga business needs a marketing plan.

Why does your Yoga studio need a marketing plan?

The simple reason why your yoga studio needs a marketing plan is to accelerate your yoga business. By implementing a solid yoga marketing strategy, a marketing plan can help a yoga business owner stand out amongst his competitors. With yoga marketing, a business owner can reach a large audience, expand his business and also make his studio one of the best places to practice yoga.

Whether you are about to start a yoga studio or are already in the business, the below yoga marketing ideas are sure to have an impact on your business.

Start a yoga website:

In today’s time, it is absolutely essential to have a yoga website that acts as a front door for your business. Your website can easily be your yoga marketing tool and can serve as a platform for offering people with yoga tips, online yoga classes, online slot booking, contact information, reviews of your yoga studio, add-on services at your yoga studio, etc. Also, while you set up a website make sure you have a blog page which regularly shares interesting content on yoga and health.

Use word-of-mouth marketing:

Certainly, word of mouth marketing has always helped a business excel in terms of sales. In the case of your yoga studio too, you can ask your students to recommend your business to their friends or family. However, you can get your students talking about your yoga business by offering them an amazing service. Always remember, when people have a good experience they always recommend your business, but when they have a bad experience, they talk bad about your business to nearly two times more people. So as a yoga teacher, always take good care of your clients and teach them good as they will really help you create a positive marketing buzz which would lead to gaining more clients.

Build a social media presence:

Social media has become one of the powerful marketing tools for your business as today people have a presence on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. As a yoga studio owner, you can create your profile on these channels and give people a reason to talk about your business online. Social media not only help you create brand awareness but also helps you engage with your existing customers. You can get your existing customers to review your business and also recommend them to their friends online. On social media, you can create events, posts pictures of your studio, customer reviews, offer discounts and can join groups catering to your business niche.

List your business on review websites:

Today online reviews are one of the five factors that help you in building a strong presence online. People read online reviews and rating review websites before choosing to invest money in your yoga studio. So always list your business on review websites such as Google, Trust Pilot, Facebook, etc as even your potential customers would read reviews and then choose to contact you. Claiming a listing on review websites helps you gain an insight into what customers think about your business and also respond to reviews accordingly. You can manage, respond and generate reviews for your yoga studio by utilizing an online marketing tool like Fame Ms that can do the review management and review generation work for you.

Online videos:

There is no better way to demonstrate your yoga studio online by posting videos that can help in gaining a wide presence online. Through the videos, you can share yoga tips, yoga poses, give an insight of your studio, share interviews of your customers and talk about other topics that are related to your business. You can also run a yoga class guiding people about the benefits of yoga and various yoga asanas.

Just invest money in buying a good camera, recording equipment and editing software to create fun videos with some really amazing content. Then post these videos on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and other online channels.

Offer incentives:

If your yoga studio is out there then how do you think you can make a difference? How can you make people choose your business over the competitors? The simple way to do this is by offering incentives.

You can create an effective and unique marketing strategy by following the below ideas:

Offer yoga packages:

Offering packages that bundle various services offered at your yoga studio can be of great help and let customers opt for services that they would have previously not considered investing their money in.

Offer coupons:

When customers complete a transaction, you can offer them a coupon for free that lets them try the other product or service offered at your studio. Doing this helps as if they like the free service then they would invest their money in it too.

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Essential SEO Ranking Factors

Search optimization is an extremely important aspect in the field of online marketing. Well-optimized sites get good traffic which means more leads and more sales. If you neglect SEO, no one will visit your website and you will miss out on the leads which will lead to no sales at all. The below article helps you with the top SEO ranking factors that do the work for you.

An accessible URL:

For Google bots to reach and crawl your website, you need to have an accessible URL. Having the right kind of URL is extremely important for SEO as it helps Google read and understand your page. You will need a robots.txt file that gives information to Google regarding what information from your site is accessible and what not. Having a sitemap that lists all the URLs of the website is important.

Page speed:

The page speed of a website is cited as one of the important SEO ranking factors. In 2016, Google introduced mobile indexing due to which the speed of a page has become more important than ever. Websites that are slow have fewer chances of ranking on the top of Google’s search results page.

Mobile friendliness:

With Google’s mobile indexing, a websites compatibility with mobile now directly affects its rankings on the search engine.  With mobile usage becoming more than that of desktop, websites should prioritize mobile-friendly pages as they have now become important SEO ranking factors,

Domain authority:

Domain authority is a score that predicts how well your website will rank on Google search. The higher the domain authority of a website, higher it's ranking on Google search. The domain authority of a website is calculated on the basis of over 40 ranking signals including root linking domain, total links, backlinks, etc.


When it comes to SEO, content is the king. To rank on the top of Google’s search results page, it is important that you provide content that adds value and gives out additional information to the readers. Quality beats quantity in this aspect and you should first add value and not focus on the word count. There is no clear rule as to the word count, however, relatively longer quality content adds value and typically helps in achieving higher rankings. For SEO, content should be written with keywords that you want to rank for. To do keyword research, you can make use of Google keyword planner or rely on Google’s semantic search that gives you related searches.

Using schema markup code:

Adding schema markup code helps search engines understand your business in a better way. You can implement schema markup on your page easily through Google markup.


Backlinks remain an important SEO factor for ranking on Google. You will certainly rank high on Google if the backlinks are made from diverse and authoritative domains. Getting high-quality links means that you are getting more number of backlinks, link authority and link diversity.

H1 and H2 headings:

The pages you publish need to have H1 and H2 in the source code as they are considered one of the top SEO ranking factors.


In 2014, Google confirmed that websites with HTTPS encryption rank better than HTTP counterparts. Websites that are not switched to HTTPS are marked as unsafe by Google.

Online reviews:

Google loves quality content. Online reviews are the feedback received by the customers so it can be called user-generated content and Google just loves content that has quality. Listing your website on local directories and generating more reviews increases your rankings on local search.

SEO is an everlasting and every growing industry and is one of the best ways to generate free traffic to the website. If you prioritize the above-ranking factors then you will definitely stay ahead of your competitors and generate free traffic in no time.

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Easy Ways to Promote Your Local Business Online For Free

Having no money to market your business should not stop you from making its presence felt online. Read about easy ways by which you can promote your business online for free.

Gone are the days when you had to spend a chunk of your revenue on marketing your business. In today’s digital day and age, a local business owner can easily make use of the internet to build a strong online presence. To start with, a business owner can make use of the below listed simple ideas that help in promoting a local business for free.

Social media:

Creating a page for your business on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are absolutely free. Presence on social media channels should be a part of your marketing plan as all you have to do is post some engaging content and you are good to do. Having a social media account for your business also helps you keep your customers updated with all the new products or services that you are offering. Social media also helps you create awareness about your brand and makes it easy for your customers to stay in touch with you. You can also let your customers stay updated with the discounts you are offering.

Start a blog:

Starting a blog is free and easy to do. As per a survey, having a blog as a part of your business website gives you 434% strong presence online. Promoting your blogs on social media platforms also helps in generating leads and traffic on your website. It helps people understand your business better, while also increasing its rankings on search engines. However, while writing blogs make sure that you write something related to your industry and business and also post frequently.

List your business on online review websites:

Listing your business on online review website helps as today 80-90% of customers are influenced by the reviews posted online. Reviews posted online help you increase customer engagement and also your rankings on local search. Online reviews help you understand your customers better and also serve as a good platform to help you grow your business and generate revenue for the same. You can list your business on review websites such as Google My Business, Yelp, Trip Advisor etc. for free.

Read here about the importance of online reviews for your business.

Use free email marketing tools:

Free email marketing tool like Mail Chimp help you send emails to over 2000 customers for free. With zero out of pocket expenses and a must do the activity, doing email marketing helps a lot for your business. You can send weekly mailers to your customers keeping them posted about offers, discounts, new products, etc. offered by you. In the mailer, you can also add links to your social media pages or direct them to review your business on various review posting websites. Doing this also helps you in generating reviews online.

Post videos on YouTube:

YouTube is a free online service that lets you post videos for free. You will first have to create a YouTube channel and then post reviews about your product, services, etc. You can further share the videos posted on YouTube on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, and can also send the video link via email.

Join an online community:

Joining an online community related to your business niche helps as you would already be having people who are interested in the product/service offered by your brand. Doing this would help you in increasing your brand's awareness and also get new customers.

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Easy Ways to Get Your Patients Write Reviews

Getting your patients to write a review about the health care service provided by you is easy if you follow the below steps.

In this digital age, consumers look for an honest opinion on the web in the form of online reviews that largely influence their buying decision. There’s no ignoring the trend of online reviews as every business today would have a bunch of customers talking positive as well as negative about their brand. In this day and age, many review websites today allow you to review health care services provided by physicians, skin specialist, dentist and other healthcare providers.

Why online reviews matter for health care providers?

Thinking that online reviews are just beneficial for restaurants and salons is not right as patients today are reading online reviews before taking service from any doctor.

A 2013 survey conducted by software advice revealed that 25% of patients visited a doctor before reading reviews online and the figure rose to over 42% in 2014. The survey also revealed that 44% of people said that they would like to visit a doctor who has good reviews online than the ones in their in-house network.  The survey also stated that 61% read reviews before choosing a doctor.

Subsequently, a survey by Bright Local revealed that medical and healthcare professionals are the third-most reviewed categories followed by restaurants and hotels.

Considering the importance of online reviews, here’s how you can get reviews from patients:

Ask your patients to leave reviews:

Believe it or not, the first and the easiest step towards getting a review is by politely asking for one. Every time before your patient leaves, ask them to leave a review. Not all patients would be ready to write a review, but with your consistent efforts, you can certainly grow the number of reviews posted online.

Send them a follow-up email:

Whenever your patient leaves your click, send them an email asking them to review your service. in the email include the link to the websites that you want your customer to review you on. You can also use a review generating tool that will help you generate reviews as well as manage them.

Make use of social media:

Your patients can leave a review about your business at any point in time. So make sure you have a formidable presence on social media to interact with them and also keep them updated with special services you are offering or discounts if any. Having a presence on social media also makes it easy for your customers to connect with you by sending you direct messages, hence you can easily respond to their problems online.

Respond to negative reviews:

Never leave your customer disappointed for the second time if they have posted a negative review about your service for the first time. Always respond to the negative reviews and apologize to your unhappy patient, assuring him/her that you would provide a better service the next time. Send your unhappy customer a discount voucher and respond to the negative review by clarifying your stand on the matter. Also, don’t forget to thank your customer for taking the time out to write a review for you.

Offer incentive for posting a review:

It’s very common to offer a free dose of medicine to your customer, but it can certainly make them leave a review for you. So the best way to influence your customer to leave a review is by offering them a freebie. You can offer them a discount on their next visit, a dental kit, a free body check-up, a free-dental check, etc. Knowing about your customer behaviour, offer them the right thing that would make them leave a review for you.

Provide good service to your patients:

Lastly, if you expect a positive online review then you have to make sure you provide the best service in the business. From your behaviour to the treatment that you provide and also your visiting charges, fees and cost of medicines matter a lot. So be sure that your service does not leave the customer disappointed. You can expect a good review only if you are providing them with a good service plus fast recovery doses. Also, be kind to your patient and always listen to their problems.

Train your staff well:

Make sure your staff is well-behaved with the patient as one mistake from their end could damage your reputation online. So train your staff well and also ask them to be polite to the customers and respond to their queries on time. You can also ask your staff to ask patients to leave a review for your medical service.

Conclusion: Online reviews especially the positive ones are beneficial and can not only help you have a strong social proof but also improve your rankings on search engine. So refer to the above checklist properly to be the best in your business.

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Dos and Don’ts of Handling Negative Reviews

Negative reviews can cost you a great deal of business, but not knowing how to respond to them can land your business in a big trouble. So here are a few dos and don’ts of handling negative reviews.

Since over 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, there’s no way that you cannot think of dealing with reviews seriously. Online reviews have now become a strong social proof of your business that majorly influences customers buying decision.  Hence, having a bad review is a nightmare for business owners who don’t know the right way of dealing with bad reviews.

The Don’ts while dealing with negative reviews

  •  Don’t take it personally:

The first step towards dealing with a positive review is by not taking it personally and knowing that the customer has written about your business and not about you. So be polite and deal with it.

  • Don’t get defensive:

Responding to a negative review in anger doesn’t do any good. Infarct, it can add fuel to the fire and can make the situation worse for your business. Keep calm and deal with the situation in a professional way.

  • Don’t ignore the issue:  

Being unresponsive to a negative review will make your customers feel angry and they would never like to do any business with you. It also makes potential customers feel that you do not care about your business and have a bad customer service.

  • Don’t start an online battle:

Don’t get pulled into an online battle when dealing with a bad review and a customer who is very angry about having a bad experience with your business. So respond nicely and tell the negative reviewers that you are happy to help them. Doing this will make the other customers feel that you are responsible and are not interested in picking up a fight with the customers.


The Dos while dealing with negative reviews

Now that we have told you about the don’ts, read about the things that you should do while handling negative reviews.

  • Acknowledge the issue:

Usually, when a customer writes a negative review, he wants you to hear to him out. So before you try to understand the problem, acknowledge the issue and apologize for the inconvenience caused.  Show them that you genuinely care about them and the business and assure them that they won’t face any problem the next time. Apologizing to the customer can change their mind and turn a negative review into a positive one.

  • Analyze the complaint:

When you come across a negative review, analyze the complaint. Try to understand what the customer has written talks about the whole picture or not. Talk to your staff and know the issue they faced while dealing with the customer. First be clear from your side and then respond to the review in a polite way.

  • Promote your business in a positive way:

Frame your response to the customer in such a way that it talks positively talks about your business. Tell them that their experience is rare and you would try your best to sort the issue on an urgent basis.

A response such as ‘We are one of the top 3 restaurants in India and reviews like yours help us understanding our business well and do a better job at it.’  So responses like these help customers feel valued.

  • Reach out to the customer personally:

One of the best ways to turn a negative review into a positive one is to reach out to customers personally. So while responding to a negative review, you or your employees should ask the customer about their number or email ID and try and reach them out personally to explain the whole situation and apologize.

  • Generate positive reviews:

Positive reviews help you in concealing the bad reviews and instead build a strong social proof. Use a review generation tool that lets you send an email to your customers asking for a review. Here’s how you can get more positive reviews.


Use negative reviews as a learning experience and see how dealing with them can turn them into a positive one and be a good thing for your business.


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