Practising yoga is one of the most ancient forms of exercise that helps an individual stay fit and fine. Yoga continuing to being one of the fastest growing industries and new yoga studios popping up almost every day, it’s essential for a business owner to have a marketing plan in place.

Let’s understand why your yoga business needs a marketing plan.

Why does your Yoga studio need a marketing plan?

The simple reason why your yoga studio needs a marketing plan is to accelerate your yoga business. By implementing a solid yoga marketing strategy, a marketing plan can help a yoga business owner stand out amongst his competitors. With yoga marketing, a business owner can reach a large audience, expand his business and also make his studio one of the best places to practice yoga.

Whether you are about to start a yoga studio or are already in the business, the below yoga marketing ideas are sure to have an impact on your business.

Start a yoga website:

In today’s time, it is absolutely essential to have a yoga website that acts as a front door for your business. Your website can easily be your yoga marketing tool and can serve as a platform for offering people with yoga tips, online yoga classes, online slot booking, contact information, reviews of your yoga studio, add-on services at your yoga studio, etc. Also, while you set up a website make sure you have a blog page which regularly shares interesting content on yoga and health.

Use word-of-mouth marketing:

Certainly, word of mouth marketing has always helped a business excel in terms of sales. In the case of your yoga studio too, you can ask your students to recommend your business to their friends or family. However, you can get your students talking about your yoga business by offering them an amazing service. Always remember, when people have a good experience they always recommend your business, but when they have a bad experience, they talk bad about your business to nearly two times more people. So as a yoga teacher, always take good care of your clients and teach them good as they will really help you create a positive marketing buzz which would lead to gaining more clients.

Build a social media presence:

Social media has become one of the powerful marketing tools for your business as today people have a presence on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. As a yoga studio owner, you can create your profile on these channels and give people a reason to talk about your business online. Social media not only help you create brand awareness but also helps you engage with your existing customers. You can get your existing customers to review your business and also recommend them to their friends online. On social media, you can create events, posts pictures of your studio, customer reviews, offer discounts and can join groups catering to your business niche.

List your business on review websites:

Today online reviews are one of the five factors that help you in building a strong presence online. People read online reviews and rating review websites before choosing to invest money in your yoga studio. So always list your business on review websites such as Google, Trust Pilot, Facebook, etc as even your potential customers would read reviews and then choose to contact you. Claiming a listing on review websites helps you gain an insight into what customers think about your business and also respond to reviews accordingly. You can manage, respond and generate reviews for your yoga studio by utilizing an online marketing tool like Fame Ms that can do the review management and review generation work for you.

Online videos:

There is no better way to demonstrate your yoga studio online by posting videos that can help in gaining a wide presence online. Through the videos, you can share yoga tips, yoga poses, give an insight of your studio, share interviews of your customers and talk about other topics that are related to your business. You can also run a yoga class guiding people about the benefits of yoga and various yoga asanas.

Just invest money in buying a good camera, recording equipment and editing software to create fun videos with some really amazing content. Then post these videos on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and other online channels.

Offer incentives:

If your yoga studio is out there then how do you think you can make a difference? How can you make people choose your business over the competitors? The simple way to do this is by offering incentives.

You can create an effective and unique marketing strategy by following the below ideas:

Offer yoga packages:

Offering packages that bundle various services offered at your yoga studio can be of great help and let customers opt for services that they would have previously not considered investing their money in.

Offer coupons:

When customers complete a transaction, you can offer them a coupon for free that lets them try the other product or service offered at your studio. Doing this helps as if they like the free service then they would invest their money in it too.

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