Search optimization is an extremely important aspect in the field of online marketing. Well-optimized sites get good traffic which means more leads and more sales. If you neglect SEO, no one will visit your website and you will miss out on the leads which will lead to no sales at all. The below article helps you with the top SEO ranking factors that do the work for you.

An accessible URL:

For Google bots to reach and crawl your website, you need to have an accessible URL. Having the right kind of URL is extremely important for SEO as it helps Google read and understand your page. You will need a robots.txt file that gives information to Google regarding what information from your site is accessible and what not. Having a sitemap that lists all the URLs of the website is important.

Page speed:

The page speed of a website is cited as one of the important SEO ranking factors. In 2016, Google introduced mobile indexing due to which the speed of a page has become more important than ever. Websites that are slow have fewer chances of ranking on the top of Google’s search results page.

Mobile friendliness:

With Google’s mobile indexing, a websites compatibility with mobile now directly affects its rankings on the search engine.  With mobile usage becoming more than that of desktop, websites should prioritize mobile-friendly pages as they have now become important SEO ranking factors,

Domain authority:

Domain authority is a score that predicts how well your website will rank on Google search. The higher the domain authority of a website, higher it’s ranking on Google search. The domain authority of a website is calculated on the basis of over 40 ranking signals including root linking domain, total links, backlinks, etc.


When it comes to SEO, content is the king. To rank on the top of Google’s search results page, it is important that you provide content that adds value and gives out additional information to the readers. Quality beats quantity in this aspect and you should first add value and not focus on the word count. There is no clear rule as to the word count, however, relatively longer quality content adds value and typically helps in achieving higher rankings. For SEO, content should be written with keywords that you want to rank for. To do keyword research, you can make use of Google keyword planner or rely on Google’s semantic search that gives you related searches.

Using schema markup code:

Adding schema markup code helps search engines understand your business in a better way. You can implement schema markup on your page easily through Google markup.


Backlinks remain an important SEO factor for ranking on Google. You will certainly rank high on Google if the backlinks are made from diverse and authoritative domains. Getting high-quality links means that you are getting more number of backlinks, link authority and link diversity.

H1 and H2 headings:

The pages you publish need to have H1 and H2 in the source code as they are considered one of the top SEO ranking factors.


In 2014, Google confirmed that websites with HTTPS encryption rank better than HTTP counterparts. Websites that are not switched to HTTPS are marked as unsafe by Google.

Online reviews:

Google loves quality content. Online reviews are the feedback received by the customers so it can be called user-generated content and Google just loves content that has quality. Listing your website on local directories and generating more reviews increases your rankings on local search.

SEO is an everlasting and every growing industry and is one of the best ways to generate free traffic to the website. If you prioritize the above-ranking factors then you will definitely stay ahead of your competitors and generate free traffic in no time.

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