Getting your patients to write a review about the health care service provided by you is easy if you follow the below steps.

In this digital age, consumers look for an honest opinion on the web in the form of online reviews that largely influence their buying decision. There’s no ignoring the trend of online reviews as every business today would have a bunch of customers talking positive as well as negative about their brand. In this day and age, many review websites today allow you to review health care services provided by physicians, skin specialist, dentist and other healthcare providers.

Why online reviews matter for health care providers?

Thinking that online reviews are just beneficial for restaurants and salons is not right as patients today are reading online reviews before taking service from any doctor.

A 2013 survey conducted by software advice revealed that 25% of patients visited a doctor before reading reviews online and the figure rose to over 42% in 2014. The survey also revealed that 44% of people said that they would like to visit a doctor who has good reviews online than the ones in their in-house network.  The survey also stated that 61% read reviews before choosing a doctor.

Subsequently, a survey by Bright Local revealed that medical and healthcare professionals are the third-most reviewed categories followed by restaurants and hotels.

Considering the importance of online reviews, here’s how you can get reviews from patients:

Ask your patients to leave reviews:

Believe it or not, the first and the easiest step towards getting a review is by politely asking for one. Every time before your patient leaves, ask them to leave a review. Not all patients would be ready to write a review, but with your consistent efforts, you can certainly grow the number of reviews posted online.

Send them a follow-up email:

Whenever your patient leaves your click, send them an email asking them to review your service. in the email include the link to the websites that you want your customer to review you on. You can also use a review generating tool that will help you generate reviews as well as manage them.

Make use of social media:

Your patients can leave a review about your business at any point in time. So make sure you have a formidable presence on social media to interact with them and also keep them updated with special services you are offering or discounts if any. Having a presence on social media also makes it easy for your customers to connect with you by sending you direct messages, hence you can easily respond to their problems online.

Respond to negative reviews:

Never leave your customer disappointed for the second time if they have posted a negative review about your service for the first time. Always respond to the negative reviews and apologize to your unhappy patient, assuring him/her that you would provide a better service the next time. Send your unhappy customer a discount voucher and respond to the negative review by clarifying your stand on the matter. Also, don’t forget to thank your customer for taking the time out to write a review for you.

Offer incentive for posting a review:

It’s very common to offer a free dose of medicine to your customer, but it can certainly make them leave a review for you. So the best way to influence your customer to leave a review is by offering them a freebie. You can offer them a discount on their next visit, a dental kit, a free body check-up, a free-dental check, etc. Knowing about your customer behaviour, offer them the right thing that would make them leave a review for you.

Provide good service to your patients:

Lastly, if you expect a positive online review then you have to make sure you provide the best service in the business. From your behaviour to the treatment that you provide and also your visiting charges, fees and cost of medicines matter a lot. So be sure that your service does not leave the customer disappointed. You can expect a good review only if you are providing them with a good service plus fast recovery doses. Also, be kind to your patient and always listen to their problems.

Train your staff well:

Make sure your staff is well-behaved with the patient as one mistake from their end could damage your reputation online. So train your staff well and also ask them to be polite to the customers and respond to their queries on time. You can also ask your staff to ask patients to leave a review for your medical service.

Conclusion: Online reviews especially the positive ones are beneficial and can not only help you have a strong social proof but also improve your rankings on search engine. So refer to the above checklist properly to be the best in your business.

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