Today, Facebook is one of the top social media marketing platforms that is hard to ignore while running any kind of business. With over 1.97 billion people on Facebook, the platform has become one of leading sources for generating revenue.

What are Facebook Reviews?

Facebook now allows customers to leave their feedback on a brands page. The social media giant has incorporated a star rating system that allows customers to rate your business alone, or write a review and rate it as well. Through the star rating system, the customers can easily rate a local business on a scale of 1 to 5 and the average score is displayed on the brands business page. There is also a difference between public rating and total rating, if the customers leave reviews that are not open to the public.

Why Facebook Reviews Are Important?

As per a survey, over 55% customers use Facebook to get information about the product they want to buy.

71% of customers say that they trust everything that they see on Facebook.

Considering the above statistics, Facebook Reviews play an important role in helping you increase the sales of your business. Today online reviews have become an important part of a brands marketing strategy as they largely influence customers buying decision. People consider online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from friends or family.

With Facebook being such a big platform and online reviews playing an important role in your business, it’s necessary to understand how you can generate more reviews on this social media channel.

Benefits of Facebook Reviews

  • Positive Facebook reviews help you build a strong social proof and increase the sales by displaying star ratings and the reviews on the top of your business page.
  • You can turn positive reviews into Facebook Ads which eventually will help you increase the sales of your business.
  • Negative reviews can turn out to be a good opportunity for you to display your customer service skills.

How to Enable Review Tab on Your Facebook Business Page?

  • Visit your Facebook Page
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Edit page
  • Click on Reviews and select-allow visitors to review this page
  • Then save changes

To allow review tab, show up on your Facebook Page, follow the below steps

  • Visit Facebook Page
  • Click on settings
  • Click on edit page
  • Click on add a tab
  • Look for reviews option and click on add tab
  • Drag the review option where you want it to be displayed

How to Get Facebook Review Notifications?

To respond and to stay updated with all the reviews that your customers leave on your page, you will have to enable Facebook Review notifications.

  • Visit Facebook page
  • Click on notifications in the settings tab
  • Then opt for: Select get a notification each time there is activity on your Page or an important Page update.
  • You can also choose an option which allows you to receive review notifications via email as well.

 How to Get Customers Leave a Review on Your Facebook Page?

To gain insights into what your customers are talking about your business, it’s important for you to generate more reviews as eventually, they will also help you in increasing the sales.

So since you have set up review tab on your Facebook page, here’s how now you can ask customers to review your business on this platform.

Email your customers:

One of the simple ways to get a review on your Facebook page is by emailing your customers and asking them to review your business on the platform.

Use a review generating tool:

You can make use of a review generating tool like Fame Ms that helps you get your customers review your business on Facebook and other review websites. Fame Ms also lets you manage and respond to reviews-all from one dashboard.

Add a Facebook tab on your website:

One of the easiest ways of getting reviews on Facebook is by adding a review tab on your website. This is a good way to get your customers leave their feedback on your FB page.

Make sure your customer’s check-in at your store/restaurant:

If you run a restaurant, a resort, or a store, then you can easily ask your customers to check-in as Facebook would directly send them a notification asking them to review your business. This helps as you are not directly asking them for reviews. It also helps you spread awareness about your business as your consumer’s friend circle would also know about its existence.

Respond to negative reviews:

Always respond to negative reviews on Facebook as it shows that you really care about your customers and strive hard to provide them with a good service. Doing this also lets your potential customers understand the kind of customer service you are providing.

How to Remove Negative/Bad Review from Facebook?

Facebook doesn’t allow you to remove bad reviews as only the customer can edit or delete the review. But you can always report the review to Facebook.

To report a review on Facebook, click on the down arrow next to the review and then select report post.

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