Automate Your Online

Automate Your Online

Generate online reviews while customers are at your location, on your website or via email or text

Generate online reviews while customers are at your location, on your website or via email or text

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Fame MS provides my business with an easy way to request and receive reviews.

Since I began using Fame MS reviews for my business have increased which has resulted in more people noticing and requesting our services.

Our review numbers initially grew from 4 to 16. We hope to continue seeing that number increase and our visibility to follow suit.

Jenay - Lake Tahoe Yoga Studio
Jenay – Lake Tahoe Yoga Studio
How it works

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Get a quick overview of how Fame MS can quickly get you started on the path to consistent reviews and business growth

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Comprehensive Review Generation

Your full featured Free Trial includes the following ways of generating reviews and 2 add-ons to increase revenues!

Just place our QR code enabled brochures on your premises and start getting reviews.

Get feedback without even asking. Get the happiest customers to leave public reviews.

Absolutely no downloads necessary.

1. Highest deliverability and email client compatibility (even outlook) in the market.
2. Our sequences are optimised to get attention without being pushy to get you more reviews from your email list.
3. We pre-screen and generate reviews from only your happiest customers on review sites like Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp and more.
4. Our algorithms optimise the date, time, carefully timed reminders, automatic buffer of large email lists etc to get the maximum number of our customers reviewing you.

SMS converts 5 times more than email. Our conversational text engines virtually guarantee high ratings and reviews

Unobtrusive and conversational texts to increase engagement and likelihood of leaving online reviews.

1. Beautiful, scrolling, mobile compatible plugins increase credibility and trust in your website visitors
2. Testimonials are the number 1 way to increase conversions on your website.
3. Collect reviews from your website visitors and curate them easily

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